Visitors: What to Expect

This video provides a snapshot of a typical day at the Friendship Center.

The Friendship Center is a community of approximately 75 - 85 adults, most, but not all, of whom are living with a diagnosed and treated mental illness.  Some are experts in gardening, artistic projects, or health care, and some are there fixing or serving meals or attending to other individual needs.  Some are apprenticing in these areas.  From 9:00am to 1:00pm or later on Tuesdays and Thursdays, nearly everyone takes part in one or more of these activities.  New activities are added as small groups want them.  Worship is included as well as support groups and educational groups.  People end the day feeling satisfied, refreshed, and renewed and also feeling the good tiredness that comes with having been busy at their chosen tasks.  Members are often found helping each other, talking, smiling, and laughing.  There is, truly, never a dull moment.

When you come expect to encounter laughter, joy, and conversation.  Expect the communion that comes with shared meals.  Expect also to face your own, often unexamined, prejudices.  Expect to be stretched outside of your comfort zone - that is where the transformation happens!