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Archived Newsletters

December 2017 - 2018 Goals and December 3 Holiday Market

Summer 2017 - 2017 Field Trips, Cooking Matters Cooking Class, and 2017 & 2018 Plant Sale Dates

August 2016 - Pork & Plants 9/24/2016, Introducing 2 new staff members. 

March 2016 - A Day in the life of the Friendship Center Video, Holy Comforter in the news
2016 Plant & Bake Sale Dates, and Note from the staff

Winter 2015 - Lorenzo's Digital story, End of year review, Upcoming Events

Fall 2015 - 1st Annual Ormewood Park Plant Sale & BBQ recap, Brenda's Digital Story- 4th video featuring community members, Introducing Jalani, 2016 Plant Sale Dates

August 2015 - The 3rd digital story, introducing our new grant writer, Buy Tickets 9/19 Plant sale/BBQ Fest & More. 

July 2015 - Bob's Digital Story, Letter from Matthew

March 2014- Yoga, Jonathan Gaylord, Father Mike is Retiring

April 2014- Woven Together, Red Oaks, Give Today April 2014

June 2014 - Gregory, The Friendship Center Needs You, Life in a Personal Care Home

 July 2014- Jimi and Brenda, New Vicar, Friendship Center to Become a Distinct Non-Profit

October 2014- Horse Farm and Dominique Hollis (Domo), ESC intern

December 2014- Emily awarded her GED



January 2013- Jamie Shapiro (ESC intern) and Meditative Bread-making

March 2013-  Jamie Shows FC Participants how to use Computer

December 2013- Year End Appeal 

June 2012- Newsletter

February 2012- Willie McCroy: Woodworker and Wordworker, Bob Wardrep Art Show Invitation

March 2012- Hunger Walk  

June 2012- Hunger Walk

June 2012- Gardening as a Means to Mental Health

June 2012- Liz Mitchell Appointed Health and Wellness Coordinator

November 2012- Artist's Market

November 2012- Year End Appeal



April 2011- New Foot Clinic, Wellness and Recovery Program, St. Patrick's Dance, FC Poetry, Hunger Walk

May 2011- Jerome Book Signing 

May 2011- Mental Health First Aid Training

May 2011- Theology and Disability Lecture

June 2011-  Tony Nurse Assistant

August 2011- Art Extravaganza 

December 2011- Year End Appeal 

November 2010, Newsletter Link- 8th Annual Artists' Market, Interfaith Mental Health Conference 

December 2010- 2010 Accomplishments, Special Thanks, Upcoming Events