Partner with us.  We need your support to continue this work.  Set up a recurring monthly donation through and designate your support for the Friendship Center.

The Friendship Center provides an anchoring, supportive community, caring relationships, and services that safeguard us from falling through the gaps and into an expensive and perpetual cycle of criminalizing mental illness and homelessness. 

* Holy Comforter Church is serving as the Friendship Center's fiscal agent while the Friendship Center is awaiting a distinct nonprofit determination letter from the IRS. 

What your support helps fund at The Friendship Center

$27... provides lunch for 100 people

$100...provides transportation to and from The Friendship Center for a month

$500… provides 20 flu shots

$1,500… provides 5,555 hot meals (at 27¢ per plate – our average expense per plate)

$3,000… provides weekly hour-long yoga classes for an entire year

$5,000… provides all utility and facility expenses for one month (electricity, gas, water and sewer, trash pickup, fire suppression systems, cleaning supplies, building maintenance, property insurance, HVAC service contract, maintenance of our handicap accessible lift, etc.)