Recovery through the Arts


The Friendship Center promotes a sense of self-worth and personal growth by offering Recovery Through the Arts. The arts program offers a supportive studio environment that fosters creativity, self-direction, and mutual encouragement. A part-time arts director and a corps of volunteers offer skilled one-on-one instruction in painting, ceramics, woodworking, fiber arts, and most recently, stained glass. Instruction caters to all ability levels, and the artists may sell their work at church and community art festivals. This program, with its individualized instruction, its freedom to pursue creative projects, and the opportunity for the artists to show and sell their work, instills a sense of confidence and self-worth. 

The Friendship Center’s arts program meets every Tuesday and Thursday during regularly scheduled program hours. The actual studio spaces are hosted by another church down the street.  The Friendship Center provides transportation from our main campus to those studios.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays a bus leaves from the Friendship Center at 10:30 a.m. (after the free community breakfast!).  That bus returns to the main campus around 12:15.  Most participants then stay for the free community lunch that is served at 12:30.

The arts program, like all other programs, is at no cost for those who participate.  Also, if a piece of art is sold then 75% of the proceeds of that sale are paid to the artist. The other 25% of the proceeds are used to reimburse program expenses.  Like the greenhouse and gardening program, the arts program provides another opportunity for economic justice and for the dignity of earned income.

Special thanks to the East Atlanta community for supporting this program – especially Berea Mennonite for hosting the studio spaces.  As always, neighbors and other friends are welcome to help us as volunteers.